Would you rather give your apprenticeship tax levy to the chancellor or would you prefer to reinvest it in developing your people and your business?


would you like completely independent advice and support to maximise the reinvestment of your levy and reduce your commercial training costs ?

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pathway to MANAGEMENT

No matter what your business, selling is key critical to success.

Kipling Group has worked with large and small businesses coaching in the art of Selling.

Selling does not have to be a hard sell, even the most reluctant sales person can learn suggestive persuasion techniques.




Kipling Group took on a project last year with a well known Food and Beverage provider, who needed to increase sales. A bespoke persuasive selling training programme was introduced, created by Kipling Group, early sales figures suggest customer spend has increased by 24%. An additional benefit has been, customer satisfaction has also increased.


Kipling Group will never disclose on the website details of businesses they are working with.