levy managed service

  • Truly independent objective consultancy support to inform how to invest your levy to achieve the maximum business benefits
  • A Business Needs Analysis that identifies opportunities for you to utilise your levy funds and includes a review of your commercial training spend that could be mapped across to apprenticeships potentially saving you up to 90% of your commercial training spend.
  • An implementation plan that identifies appropriate apprenticeship standards, delivery models and resources
  • A Managed Service that monitors delivery performance, governance, and compliance

Support you to become your own training provider

  • Government is very supportive of employers who want to deliver training to apprentices, we will guide you as this might be the right approach for you.
  • Being your own training provider enables you to directly design and deliver the content of the off the job training which your own apprentices will receive, giving you the ability to make sure it includes everything you think it should for your benefit.
  • Employers who become providers can also help improve the quality of apprenticeships by widening the market and increasing the options for delivering high-quality training that will raise professional standards in your industry.
  • Being your own provider gives you clear ownership of our apprenticeships, which allows you to run apprenticeships that meet your specific skills needs, to determine the quality controls you require and thereby ensures you mitigate critical skills requirements.
  • It allows us to build your company culture into the apprenticeship and reinforce your approach to safety in the workplace and the behaviours you require. 
  • It is an investment that can  deliver value for you and prepares the apprentice for a long-term career in the company. 
  • We will guide you through the process and support you to become an excellent training provider.
  • We believe that being an apprenticeship employer-provider puts you more in the driving seat of the Apprenticeship Reform agenda: helping to engage on new Apprenticeship Standards development and the Apprenticeship Levy and its associated processes with confidence.


Independent advice and guidance is very difficult to find, Kipling provides it. Whether you simply need our knowledge and experience to support your plans or need a fully managed service to ensure that you maximise the reinvestment of your levy for the benefit of your business and your people Kipling has the solution.